What has been your biggest artistic inspiration?

In conjunction with our amazing new book, Creative Channel Islands: Photography [The Mini-Series] offers an intimate and revealing portrait of our Channel Island photographers. We ask a variety of questions that will help delve deeper into what inspires and drives their passion for photography.

In this episode we ask the question:

What has been your biggest artistic inspiration?

Useful links from this episode:

Andy Le Gresley: Australian photographer Christian Fletcher.
Tom Kennedy: Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.
Fenby Miskin: Some examples and info on early 20th century abstract art.
Jodie Spriggs: American photographer Steve McCurry.
Monika Baster: Guernsey based photographer Karl Taylor and American new born photography website Baby as art.
Kevin Lajoie: Examples of kite photography on Flickr.
Simon Boucher-Harris: American photographers John Free and Zack Arias.
Guy Brown: Guernsey photographers Dave Sauvarin and Chris Tostevin-Hall.
Nick Després: American photographer Galin Rowell.
David Gilliver: American photographer David Levinthal.

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