Little Paper Gallery illustrations


Caroline grew up in London and attended the London College of Printing where she studied Retail Design. Following on from this she worked as a Graphic designer for roughly 10 years before relocating to Guernsey with her young family.

Harbour Steps


Since living in Guernsey Caroline has had more time to explore her love of illustration.



I am often inspired by a view, particularly St Peter Port as I prefer buildings to landscapes and make sketches or take photos to use for reference later.

St Peter Port

Her illustrations start as a sketch to get the right composition then she draws with pen and ink. This is scanned into Photoshop where she adds the colour and textures.


I love working this way as Photoshop gives me the freedom to try out different colours during the process and also to add layers of hand drawn elements. I am aiming for a finished look that is part hand drawn, part screen print.


To find out more visit Caroline’s website

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