Be yourself, everyone else is taken! – Photography by Danny Richardson


Meet Danny Richardson, a dad, husband, photographer & dreamer from Jersey. We caught up with him to talk about his love for photography.


Game of Thrones

Did you go to Uni?

I studied Music Production at Sussex Downs College, Brighton.

Head in the sand

Working nine till five

In Another World

In Another World

How did you get into photography?

Quite a long story… I’ve always been into art but was never that great at it. I did Art & Theatre Studies at A level, then, like many people, found myself working in the finance industry.

I knew it wasn’t for me so decided to give Uni a go and study my passion at the time which was music. My Uni course was pretty diverse and part of it included filming and editing music videos. This is what first got me into creative imagery.

I was then lucky enough to do a few winter seasons in France and Canada where the natural landscape, extreme sports and party lifestyle lent themselves perfectly to a ‘photography apprenticeship’.

Upon returning to Jersey I once again got roped into the world of finance (had to pay the bills somehow) but I also set up my photography and videography business DR Media and initially focussed on the wedding market before branching out and exploring other creative avenues.

Off my head

Off my head

How would you describe your style?

For a while it was very confused and if I’m honest I don’t think I really had one.

I shot anything and everything.

Quite often I shot what I thought people would like even though I didn’t really like the subject matter myself. Without wanting to upset anyone(!) for me personally there’s only so many shots of Rocco Tower or Corbiere Lighthouse that I really want/need…no matter how beautiful they might be.

Over time I’d say that I’m developing into a creative portrait photographer with a eye and imagination for conceptual, storytelling images.

Don't believe the media

Ignorance Is Bliss



What kit do you use?

Canon 5D Mk3 and a variety of lenses depending on the situation. My f1.4 50mm is now my most commonly used lens – even though it’s the cheapest one I own.


Gone With The Wind

Do you have your eyes on a new piece of equipment? If so, what?

I’ve bought so much kit over the last few years that I’m trying to make the most of what I have. Although I’d love an upgrade to – f1.2 50mm at some point.

Along with my camera and 50mm, my imagination (+laptop and photoshop) are the most important things I own.

Light my fire

Light my fire


Dark Beauty

If you had to pass on one piece of advice to aspiring photographers what would that be?

I read this quote from Oscar Wilde a little while ago and it’s definitely left its mark..

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

You can see more of Danny’s work on his Facebook or 500px page.

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