Shards – An installation by Chris Simcox

ChrisS-Uni Work 7

Chris Simcox is a graphic designer based in Guernsey. He studied at Staffordshire University, where he got a Degree in Fine Art and a Post Graduate Degree in Urban Design. Below is a selection of his work from an installation he exhibited titled ‘Shards’.

ChrisS-Uni Work 1

I’m interested in colour, line and shape in the context of the urban environment. To reveal what maybe hidden and strip back to discover the multi-layered world that surrounds us. Leading me to become fascinated with mixing stone-cold minimalist shapes and constructions with the playful use of colour, texture and line.

ChrisS-Uni Work 2

ChrisS-Uni Work 3

ChrisS-Uni Work 4

I’ve become interested in subverting the grandiose with the everyday detritus that surrounds us. I would like to take this forward by looking at urban street art, juxtaposing it with architecture spaces / structures to compose new spaces.

ChrisS-Uni Work 5

ChrisS-Uni Work 6

Where all this may lead to I have yet to discover. So I don’t have any great manifesto or remit. It’s just the pure pleasure and satisfaction I get from engaging with the act of creativity, although I have never quite grabbed the idea of completion…

ChrisS-Uni Work 7

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